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Digital Systems
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If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker or service provider wondering what systems + automations you can/should put in to place to stand out and continue to grow during this unprecedented time, I’ve created a space for us to connect.


Things You Can Do Right Now

The best way I can figure to help is to provide some tools from my toolbox and offer some insights of what I’ve been doing.


System + Automation Review

First things first, since we have time now…take a look at the systems you are currently using, what you are paying for them and think about how they will serve you going forward. This is the perfect time to “clean house” and streamline.

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Website + Lead Generation

Just like my website, yours too may need a little tweaking. Listen friend, the needs from just a few days ago to our current days have drastically changed. Take the time to review your online presence so it reflects what your audience is needing right now.

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Build Community

Create a private Facebook group for your community to connect, support one another and provide the very much needed interaction that even us “work-from-home” introverts are finding so valuable.

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Finish that Training

Did you like many invest in training that you ended up too busy to actually complete? There’s a reason why you first invested and now is a great time to log in to that course and complete it. Chances are there will be nuggets in there that will help you move forward.

Share your a-ha moments with your community, chances are it’ll help someone else and right now – that’s a great thing.

Show Up

This one will serve you well. Be helpful. If you have insights or expertise in an area and can help out a fellow human, whether you get paid or not is what I believe the world needs right now. Social media is our current community and there are folks out there that need your advice, your expertise, your help. Show up for them.

Nervous about social media, join my community and allow the nervousness to wash off of you effortlessly.

For Tech Newbies

This resource guide was created to help folks who are new to tech, scared of tech, maybe never thought they’d have to deal with tech. Basically, there are 3 sections to this 3-page guide. If you are just starting out and putting your business online to those wanting to enhance their digital systems – it’s free.

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Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

No one person has all the answers, but I’d bet together – we can solve alot of problems and help one another step confidently into this new version of entreprenuership together.

Digging for Clarity

Here are a few questions that I’ve had to ask myself and dig deep these last few days to figure out how I wanted to show up, what kind of business I wanted to build going forward and what that may look like.

1. How can I help?

2. What resources do I need to serve at a higher level?

3. What do I want my business to look like in 2 months, 3 months, even a year from now?

Your questions may look different from mine, the important piece is that you grab some time with yourself and think about/imagine what you want to build, how you want to show up and going forward in this new economy – what and who you want to be.


My #1 Tip to Keep Your Sanity…Keep Your Focus

You attract what you focus on, so focus on the positive, focus on helping others and focus on laughing at least twice a day.

I’ve been blown away by the amount of love that is spreading throughout the internet. Spend more time with those who are spreading positivity and less time with the news.


It’s good to take a minute or two to look at things differently.

The tech we have access today can help you create whatever you are imagining, but first you need to know what it is you want. Need to brainstorm your options? Join my private community – I’ll be there waiting for you.

From my Clients

I have had a major increase in traffic and followers. She is also a blast to work with!! Marketing is so not my thing, but Lisa has taken care of that for me!! I highly recommend Birch Solutions!!

Lisa Anderson

Clear Skin Laser

Lisa’s competence, creativity and business smarts makes her a great partner and provider to the business community. I’ve worked with Lisa and her team for over three years and she’s awesome!

Harry Miller


What a difference! the website and marketing support from Birch Solutions has a bigger impact on my business than anything I have tried in years!

Barb Zuleger

Performance Partners Coaching

She is an expert in her field and was wonderful at training us… the non-tech savvy team. Her enthusiasm was contagious! You can tell she truly loves what she does. 5 stars all the way!

Anne Marie

Atria Real Estate Group

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