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Project Description

Project Brief

Saltar’s Business on the Beach hadn’t had a chance to update their website in a while, and was looking to do something new and fresh. After discussing their thoughts and what they deemed most critical to have in their new version of Business on the Beach, together we identified 4 critical elements to be completed with their refreshed website.

  1. Update media, art work, fonts and coloring
  2. Create a responsive, mobile-friendly website
  3. Design a faster, more efficient way to promote their retreats to their target audience
  4. Build in a lead generation system

We were able to help them accomplish all 4 of their objectives with their new website within budget and on time.  They are able to focus their efforts on getting their clients ready for an amazing adventure!

What a fun project this was!

We thoroughly enjoy working with Saltar’s Business on the Beach team and are excited to share their Business on the Beach 2.0 website!


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Identify the Priorities

Creating a site that allowed for list building and easy access to the various retreats were the top priority for the client.

Once the priorities were outlined, this Wix website was given a new template, updated media and the pages were adjusted to support the clients needs and brand.

Project Planning
Graphic Design
Mobile Friendly
Lead Generation


One of the most important factors for the client was to create a space that was peaceful, like sitting on the beach watching the sunset. Pages were designed to flow like a beautiful path to your destination.

Lead Generation

Allowing their visitors to quickly access the abundance of resources on the site or to effortlessly register for a retreat, by inserting several call-to-actions on just the homepage. Each journey is different, and they wanted each of their visitors to feel that where ever they are in the journey, they will be met with the resources they need to help them move forward.


Each website we help create we want to ensure the personality and the goals of the client are well in hand. We celebrate when our clients are happy! Thank you Business on the Beach for allowing us to be part of your journey!

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