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Project Description

Project Brief

Styles & Statements was looking for some help to make a few adjustments to their website. As a professional stylist company, they wanted to update some services and add a few additional services to their website.

We had the privilege of helping Styles & Statements bring their vision to life. During the process we also trained them on making updates to their website going forward. The outcome is a very happy client, with a website that can adjust and grow with them.


Would You Like a Website Audit & Review

Yes! I’d like to know how to improve my site.

Identify the Priorities

There were 2 things Styles & Statements wanted to get updated on their site.

  1. Create a beautiful, mobile-friendly banner for their homepage
  2. Update their services offering

Not only did we help with their top 2 priorities, Styles & Statements added an event calendar and ecommerce to their website.

Project Planning
Site Updates
Mobile Friendly

Action & Fun

The website refresh took the site from ordinary to fun and dynamic. A few color tweaks,
layout adjustments and some new media, helped to update the site and create the feeling Styles & Statements was hoping for.



Adding eCommerce functionality allowed Styles & Statements the ability to sell gift cards and services online. This created a much more efficient way for their clients to purchase their services and/or gifts for friends and family.


Styles & Statements also had plenty of events coming up that they wanted to highlight to their clients, adding an event calendar allowed their visitors to sign up for upcoming events with a click of a button!


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