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Project Description

Project Brief

A startup needing a digital presence.

Viva-Getics Lifestyle System (VGLS) was born in the spring of 2017. The VGLS team created their branding but needed help creating their digital footprint online.

Birch Solutions worked to refine their vision for their website.

  • Wireframes were created to quickly iterate and produce a final version of what their web experience would become.
  • Once approved, the site quickly came together and a startup was borne.

The Client

Are you in need of a Website?

Yes! I Need A Website!

Identify the Priorities

Viva-Getics isn’t your run-of-the-mill coaching program, and they wanted that to reflect in their online presence. They wanted their online visitors to see something different, exciting and energetic. They also wanted to create a site that would grow with them as their startup flourished.

Project Planning
Graphic Design
Mobile Friendly
Optimized for Growth
Viva-Getics Lifestyle System


Viva-Getics was ready to hit the ground running. Sometimes startups get stuck in trying to be all things to all people, Viva-Getics knew from the get-go who they wanted to attract and what their audience was looking for.


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